Alberta Bound

I’m on a plane right now heading home from Alberta.  Of course I will have posted this to the blog after I arrive home because this flight does not have on board internet access and using radio type devices is frowned upon on airplanes.  The TV’s are not even working.  Rumour has it that the American Safety folks or Homeland security think that the TVs are a security risk because of the map which tracks your flight across the country.  Seems like a stretch to me.

I was in Alberta at a dairy conference launching a new product for our company.  I had fun!! First, doing the training of the staff on Tuesday night.  I talked for nearly 2 hours with just a short break at one point to talk to J on the phone before she went to bed.. The next day was the conference and I worked the trade show talking about the products with attendees and further training the staff as I did it.

I felt in my element.  I am good at training, telling folks about something new, helping them to do better.  If this was all I had to do, I could maybe be convinced to enjoy my job.  That opportunity is not likely in the cards.

Many of those attending the conference were Hutterites.  I have written about these folks in a previous blog.  This time I was on the receiving end of their inquisitive minds.  They are very interested in using the best and newest technology,  Their questions were all very advanced and challenging.

Next week it is back to the grind.


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