Planning a Cycle Trip

Those who have been following this blog since its inception will know that J and I like to cycle.  We ride most summer weekends with a group from our local town.  These runs will be 50-70 km on a Saturday morning.  Last summer we did a ride around Lake Champlain over 4 days.

This summer we are planning to do Lake Ontario.  This will be about 1100km depending on our route and starting point.  We may start from home which would add about 300 km to the trip.  I am having a lot of fun with the planning.  There is a web site devoted to the journals of other cyclotour enthusiasts where a number of similar trips are described (  I’ve spent hours reading those journals looking for hints about how to make the trip as good as it can be.  One guy did it in 5 days, we won’t be trying that.  I won’t have a class this summer, so we can take a couple of weeks for the trip.

Our last trip was from B & B to B & B which is not how the hardcore cyclists do it.  On that trip we only carried clothing and other essentials.  The upcoming trip will be fully loaded with camping gear allowing us to do the trip less expensively by camping  rather than staying in hotels or B & B’s.  Hotels will still be an option if it is pouring rain.

This trip will require the purchase of a couple of new bikes.  Using J’s bike for the trip last year was risky.  It is a Trek 2.1 road bike with carbon forks and struts and only 24 spokes/wheel.  We had to modify the rear rack that we put on it since this bike was never designed to have such an indignity thrust upon it.  The extra weight that we are looking at for the upcoming adventure would likely either collapse a wheel or break a carbon component.  We will go shopping at the Toronto Bike Show in a couple of weeks for bikes that are meant for the job.

Stay tuned.


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