Winter Blahs

I spent part of the day really cold.  The weather here today has been damp and snowy, enough snow that I blew out the driveway this morning and it is mostly blown in again tonight.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had applied for a job.  I had an interview last week and was virtually offered (although we did not get to the fine details) a job on the spot.  That felt good, but, I don’t want the job.  It just doesn’t feel like the thing that I want to do for the next however many years.

The job I have today is going to have to come to an end.  I don’t think the company can change its values enough to allow me to feel good about being part of it.  So far the wonder job has not been presented to me.  The discussions that I have had give me the impression that I don’t need to be out of work if I don’t want to be.  That is reassuring.

If there is no clear indication of new opportunities or direction, maybe I will just take a bunch of time off to think about it and enjoy life.


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