Back to School Again

Monday, I was back to class.  This time it is TH500B History and Literature of the Old Testament-Developments.  It is really a continuation of what I finished before Christmas.  Same prof, same room, same time, same seat…. There are a couple of new students and we have lost a couple along the way.

There is certainly a sense of community in the room among the full-time students.  There seems to be a relatively small group who have gotten to know each other very well.  My class is about half part-time, and while there are some once a week pleasantries, it is taking us longer to know each other and feel like we are part of something.

None the less, I am looking forward to the next 12 weeks.  This part of the Old Testament study will be a little less demanding than the last one.  There is one less assignment to do and no on-line tests.  The in class discussions will be a little more work since the prof wants to see the work we have done to prepare for the discussion.

This week I have an interview before class in the Cambridge area.  More on that, maybe, later.

Sometimes, Lord, it’s so hard to see. We squint and struggle to make sense of what you’re showing us. Help us know when you are guiding us, Lord, and when we are clutching at the wrong answers. Help us know, as this peace process unfolds, how to best follow your voice, how to love each other with your perfect love, and how to continue to turn to you and, when it’s your will, to wait until the time you choose to answer our prayers. Thank you for teaching us how to live in your care and respond to your voice. (


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