A Beautiful Day

The Government of Canada is all excited about solar energy as a green source of electricity.  They are offering some really good pricing on long contracts for people to install systems that will put power on to the grid.  They won’t have much of a payback so far this year.

Today is the 9th of January and it is the first day this month that we have had significant levels of sun.  Rivikah had complaints about the lack of sun during her 2 week stay in Ontario.   It has been rather grim.  We got a lot of snow in a short time and the sky was overcast a lot.

It seems that the wind must have come from the same direction with a lot of the snow.  We now have this huge overhang coming from the roof of our sunroom.

It’s a bit like living under a snowdrift.


One thought on “A Beautiful Day

  1. Funny that…

    Out here we get sun pretty much all the time…

    But you don’t hear many people talking about solar power.

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