This time of year we visit the Environment Canada weather site a lot.  The screen shot above is typical of our area.  We live in the second radar circle to the north of the center.  There is a dark green dot over our house telling us that snow is falling at about 1cm/hour, harder than anywhere else right now.  If we drive something less than 10 km we will be right out of it.

We use this tool to decide if we should venture out or not.  I’m not sure how we did it before we had access to the radar site and just assumed that the weather we were having was the same as everyone else.

Today, we will drive to Listowel for an extended family reunion.  We just need to get through the first 10km.


One thought on “Radar

  1. Um yeah! I think the radar over E on the way home was dark green too. The goof in front of us freaked and drove from west of E to the LHWS plant with his four ways on. Now that was harrowing :o)!

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