Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 is past.  We’ve had a good one.  All of our kids have been here and will be until the 30th.  Our house seems full, but its been good to spend time together.

We’ve done the traditional things.  Gramma’s Christmas, B/M’s “At Home”, the L Christmas, a candle light service, and a Christmas day service at the church.  Our own small family Christmas happened over Christmas eve and Christmas day.  We ate well, we shared laughter, we enjoyed each other’s company,  we realized that even though we are not together often, we are still a family.  We even had a family picture taken.

Wednesday, the seven of us will head to Toronto for the day.  We will drop two at the train station for Belleville.   The rest of us will go to the Science Center to see the Body Works exhibition.  Two will leave from there to go to Frankford.  J and I will drop the last one at the airport for his return trip to San Fransisco.

We will return to our cats and dog.


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