Christmas is Coming

With all the busyness in life, Christmas has sort of snuck up on me.  We are now into the Christmas week and the first milestone events are already past.

Yesterday was what we affectionately call Gramma’s Christmas.   My parents (mostly my mother) orchestrate this event which has changed venues over the years from their house, to a seniors hall and now the fellowship hall of our church.  The day is very predictable (not in a bad way) and sort of acts as the doorway to the season.  Gifts are given (mostly by my parents), songs are sung (this is a command performance which actually turns out sounding pretty good) food is consumed, and conversation happens.

Today, we moved through the next traditions, the B/M at home and the Candlelight service at the church.  The B/M event has been part of our Christmas for at least 10 years.  These folks simply let all their friends know that they will be “at home” and would appreciate company.  Around 30 people show up for conversation and food, some of whom we only catch up with at this event.

The Candlelight service at the church has been going on since I was a kid, and I have been to nearly all of them in the past 40 years.  This year they put on sort of  a pageant,  complete with costumes, which  blended the Heidelberg Catechism with the Christmas story, and did it very well.  We had a full house with lots of guests from the community.  It was good.

Traditions are good to help move toward the season.  In the past I would sing in the Messiah.  I’d like to get that one back, but, too many obligations can take the meaning out of the season while fulfilling the demands of tradition.


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