First Winter Storm

I live in a place that is prone to winter storms.  Right now, we are in the second day of the first one.  This morning we woke up to closed roads, closed schools, high winds, and white out conditions.  J could not get into work and had to cancel her client appointments. 

Except for a doctor’s appointment, I had intended to spend most of the day in my office.  I did make it to the doctor, but for part of the trip, I was glad that some of the pavement was not covered, because all I could see was that black road for about 20 feet ahead of me.

I actually like these sorts of days.  They give me an opportunity to catch up.  I can’t get out so no one expects to see me.  I get a chance to wade through paperwork and eventually even clean up my desk and office (that does need to get done before the Googler comes home for Christmas)  To many in a row can get boring.

Tomorrow sounds like more of the same.  I look forward to enjoying it in my warm house next to the wood stove.

Prayer on Contemplating Nature

You, O God, Majestic Creator, are the origin of all life.

Nothing can exclude itself from your creative influence.

You are wonderful in your words and in your sovereignty.

Amazed, I contemplate the perfection of the world you created for human beings.

You are unmatched in your power and in your goodness.

O Lord, you direct like a conductor the orchestration of a storm, and you shape like a sculptor the petals of a flower.

You are prodigious in your majesty and in your wisdom.

Lord, you have fashioned human beings to accept the challenges of nature and to be your voice in creation.

O Lord and King, Majestic Creator, you have made your mystery transparent in the world you have created.

I worship you in your creation and in your providence.


From Prayers of Blessing and Praise for All  Occasions


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