The Semester Comes to a Close

Today, I finished the fourth and last assignment for the course that I have been taking this semester.  I am tempted to post the assignment here, because I think it turned out pretty well.  Maybe I will just dump it into a separate post.

I went into this seminary experience with some trepidation.  Most of that is gone.  The course (Introduction to Biblical Studies: Literature and History of the Old Testament-Foundations) even though it sounds a bit boring and maybe even stuffy, was a lot of fun.  As you have read in past posts, the prof is passionate about his subject and does an excellent job of tying the material to the New Testament and to our lives today.  I have learned things that make me think, things that have made me wonder about some of the things I thought I knew, and that’s a good thing.

There was some concern in my mind that after almost 30 years away from an academic world, I would struggle with the material.  That has not been the case.  The folks in my class are not academics either.  Some of them have come directly from their undergraduate degrees into this Masters program, but most are like me, a little more “experienced” and in many cases doing this while holding down full-time jobs.  Fortunately, I was able to work my business schedule around my class schedule quite nicely.  No one at work knows that I am doing this.

I have been able to handle the work and appear to have earned at least an A for this course.

Registration for next term was last week.  I have registered for the other half of the course I have finished.  This one got us to Deuteronomy,  the next one finishes the Old Testament.  The prof is the same and a number of the folks in the class will be back.

I’m looking forward to it!!!


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