In the Office

I have been in my office all day.  This is unusual for me since I often have to make a trip to one of our other locations or to visit a customer.  Today, it was inside all day with my computers and my phones.  I’m not sure that I liked it.

I did get lots of work done.  I’ve got my tunes from Live365 and I can wander into the kitchen to graze whenever I want.  It’s just kind of lonely.  It’s not that I didn’t communicate with anyone.  There were 26 incoming emails and 11 outgoing ones.  I dealt with just over 40 incoming and outgoing phone calls and 2 video conferences.   So I did talk to people (some of them for a long time)

I built one training video and got most of the way through building a presentation for a talk I need to give tomorrow night.

I never went outside the whole day.

My Office


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