Whirlwind Week, Training, Hutterites, Appreciation

It has been a crazy busy week.

Monday I had to go to the head office of the company I work for a couple of meetings.  The office is an hour and three-quarters from home.  I got back home in time for a quick supper and then drove to my class an hour and a half in the other direction.

Tuesday, I flew to Edmonton to do software training for a number of staff members there.  The trip allowed me to have supper with my daughter and her husband.   I enjoy teaching and my students were keen and appreciated the fact that I had come to them from so far away. The second day of the trip included a stop at one of our customers, a Hutterite colony.  That experience may be the topic of a future post.

Thursday at midnight, I arrived back in Toronto.  The company was putting on a dealer appreciation weekend at the airport hotel starting on Friday afternoon, so, I just stayed in town.  J got a ride with one of our local dealers and joined me on Friday evening.  From the company’s perspective, the weekend was a success.  I had to address the group a couple of times about my area of responsibility, which went well.    One fellow wondered if maybe I spoke in church from time to time since my delivery reminded him of the way his grandfather used to deliver sermons .

The company I work for is very secular, yet, they like to try to cover all the bases with their dealers and have in the past offered a prayer prior to meals.  Other companies that I have worked for have not done this.  Interestingly, I, the newest employee at the management level, am the one asked to say grace.  How that happened is a bit of a mystery, because, prior to the first time I was asked, I had not really talked much about my faith life.  This time, the prayer allowed for a “mini sermon” since the master of ceremonies invited me to the front to “bless the meal”.  I had the opportunity to point out that while I would ask for a blessing, it was actually God who would provide the blessing.  My words were appreciated by the practicing Christians in the room.

Interesting how God gives opportunities where none are expected.

Got home around noon on Sunday after most of a week away.


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