Haggai 1

This Sunday, our pastor will be away on a well deserved holiday.  I have been encouraged to take the opportunity to lead the service.  This is something that I enjoy doing even though I need to work to fit it into my schedule.

Thats what the sermon will look at, the busyness of our lives, fitting God in or fitting into God.  I feel a bit like I am preaching to myself.  Racing from place to place and task to task trying to fit everything together and shoving bits of the important things in life into the remaining cracks.

Haggai brings God’s word to the people of Israel telling them that it is time that they get on with the job of rebuilding God’s temple.  They have been preoccupied with getting their own things in order and have neglected the thing that they came back from exile to do, rebuild the temple.  Haggai points out that the things that they are doing are not providing them with fulfillment because they have not been taking care of the things of God.

My life feels that way sometimes.  I am having fun building the sermon and the best part of my week is when I am in my Old Testament class.   My work life, while I feel appreciated by co-workers and direct reports, is not giving me much joy.  It feels a little barren.

Now I will push some responsibilities around so that I can finish the message for Sunday.


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