The Matriarchs

I finished my third assignment today.  It was actually started today as well.  I did a bunch of research for it last night and put the four pages together this morning.  It was fun.

The assignment had to do with the matriarchs of Genesis 12-50.  Why are they there? What do they add? Was their story necessary?  My writing focused on the barrenness of these women.  Three of the four principal matriarchs were at some point barren.  Their stories center around their struggles to produce an heir so that they can be active participants in the covenant that God made with the male side of the family.  In all of it the message is clear, God makes promises which will be fulfilled in His time.  God is the opener of wombs and the giver of blessing.

In a way it is nice to know that God is in control.  We seem to work so hard to make our own blessing when, really, those blessings come from God.  The question is…Would it have been better for these matriarchs to just sit back and wait for God to bless them?  Certainly their interference does have consequences.  Ishmael’s offspring become a real problem for the Israelites,   Jacob has to run for his life and he and Esau never really get along.  If they had left well enough alone, would the story have turned out the same?

Should I be working to steer blessing my way or wait for God to send the  blessing ?  The answer likely has something to do with your perspective on life.  Right now, I wonder if I should be waiting for God to further bless me in the place that I am in, or do something about what I perceive to be less than ideal circumstances and seek greater blessing elsewhere.

Working on a sermon for next week now.  It looks like it will center on the first chapter of Haggai.  I think it is going to have me working over the issues above as well.


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