We are ready for Winter!

Today we finished getting our winter’s supply of firewood inside. 

We started yesterday by driving the tractor through the field to the bush to pick up the wood that we stacked there this spring.  We’ve been building a road through our 11 acre hardwood bush so that we can get the tractor in and to give us a good wide walking path.  When we plan the route for our road, we try to follow spaces between trees as much as possible.   We do have to remove some trees  so we try to take out “junk trees” rather than the big maple, ash and beech trees.  This leads to a lot of chainsaw work for very little firewood.  Most of the junk trees are thorn trees and wild apples which have lots of branches and short twisted trunks.

All this wood has been stacked in the bush since spring.  Yesterday was the day bring it home.  The day was grey and sometimes raining, but the job needed to be done.  J got us started early and by night we had all of it home and half of it split and stacked.  This afternoon, we spent a couple of hours together finishing the job.  It was nice doing something together.

Now winter can come.  Of course there are lots of other things to do to get ready, but the wood seems to be something of a necessity.  The storms can come, the hydro can go off, but we will be warm beside our little wood stove.

Blackberry 008


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