1st Assignment Returned

Remember the assignment that was due a couple of weeks ago about the sources of the Old Testament?  Well, we got it back tonight.

The prof made quite a fuss at the beginning of the lecture about how he had marked them, what he had expected and the amount of red ink that he had to use.  He told us not to worry about the red ink.  It was just his way of helping us.  It seems that a number of people did have some difficulty getting the assignment to flow in the form that was expected.

One woman  theorized that one of the authors represented in the Old Testament was a woman.  That apparently caused steam to come out of the prof’s ears.  She was publicly challenged to prove her allegations, which are, it seems totally, wrong.

Anyway…my assignment did not have much red ink on it.  Mostly, it appears that he uses check marks to get himself through the paper.  At the end, he made a couple of nice comments and gave me an A.

I was pleased.


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