Abram, Sarai, and Hagar

I am working on the second assignment for the Old Testament course I am taking.  A good bit of ths course looks at the Old Testament as literature.  It asks questions like “what is the underlying theme of the story?” and “what are the roles of the two female figures and what do they symbolize?”.

I can do all that…no problem.  It’s just that I always just sort of liked the story.  Abram and Sarai get their baby a long time after the old age pension cheques started coming in, and Hagar, while she seems to lose out, actually gets to be the only woman in the Bible who has God’s promise that she will be the beginning of a great nation.  In between there is a bunch of messy relationship stuff that surpasses the excesses of ER.

It was a simple story.  Now I need to come up with 5 pages of symbolism,  deep thoughts, and opinions.

The assignment is due Monday. I have a conference all day Saturday, so there is not much time to spend on this one.


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