The Week Ahead

For the first time, my Monday night class is causing a bit of a conflict.  This is just the fourth one so maybe I should be surprised that it took this long to cause an issue.  We have dealt with some other issues already.  Church council and elders meetings were traditionally held on Monday nights.  They have been moved to Wednesday to accommodate my  schedule.  It is appreciated.

This week I need to be at a sales/tech meeting for work at 8:30 on Tuesday morning.  Usually this would not be a big deal, because most of our meetings are held in Western Ontario.  This one is in Ottawa.  I will be there.  The class is over at 9:30.  I will drive as far as Kingston, sleep, leave early from there to be on time at my meeting.

I will leave Ottawa in the early evening, Tuesday, to drive to Peterborough for an 8:30 meeting the next day.

I once thought it would be cool to be one of those “big shots” that got to drive/fly all over the place.  It gets old fast.

The weather isn’t helping.  I guess it is typical fall weather, but the constant rain and dull conditions just make me sore and tired.

We did have a great rainbow today though.  It went right around.  My camera wasn’t big enough to get it all and really didn’t do justice to it.



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