Assignment 1 #2

So …the first assignment is done and handed in.  Its fate is in the hands of my prof.  I would post the whole thing here, but, it is really quite boring.  I learned a lot from doing it though.  By being forced to do the research and actually put down on paper what I found, and what I thought it meant, brought the subject into much clearer focus than the lecture on the same material did.

Looking at the first 5 books of the Old Testament in terms of their sources and authors through the history of Israel and Judah was an eye opening experience.  I always thought that Moses was the author.  I never really wondered much about how he was able to write about his own death.  I did wonder why some of the stories repeat themselves, but, not for very long.  The things I am learning about the sources of the documents is very interesting, but also casts a bit of doubt about my own long standing positions/understanding of the Bible as an inerrant inspired book.

Anyway, the prof hopes to have our work back by next week.  Most of the class seems to have found it very difficult.  A number of them seem to have spent a lot of time corresponding with the prof trying to figure out what he wanted.

He says this was the easy one.


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