It’s close now

Well, it’s just three more sleeps before I will start my first class at the seminary.  I’m not really feeling that fearful anticipation that I remember from the 15 or so other times that I was at this place in my life.  It was quite a while ago.

Part of the reason that it is not such a big deal is that I am not stepping off of a cliff into something unknown or completely new.  I am really just adding another commitment to the many that are already on my calendar.  Juggling them all is really going to be the concern.

This coming week, I need to be at a major show 2 hours from home.  Monday we need to set up and I should be able to get away in time to get to class by 7:00 followed by 1.25 hours home.  Tuesday the show begins.  I need to be on the road by 6:15.  Ditto Wednesday (my 50th) and Thursday with teardown that night.  Friday,  I will need to clean up all the stuff neglected during the week.  I hope they don’t give homework the first day.

A couple of Sundays ago we had a special commissioning/back to school service.  During the service the Pastor asked all who were going back to school to stand.  Not wanting to stand out, and not really seeing what I am doing as significant enough, I decided not to stand.  One of the praise band members, seeing this, insisted that I needed to be on my feet too.  Interestingly, both the teachers of the congregation and the council members were asked to stand as well.  I fill both those roles as well.

Time will be the issue in the next months.  New job responsibilities have kicked in this week.  It was only a 4 day week but I used 3 tanks of gas (1700-1900km).  My time on the phone was likely up 20% this week as well.  I had 3 meetings and one presentation.  I made 3 farm calls in 3 different counties.

Into this, I need to fit a 3 hour class and accompanying course work over the next 13 weeks.

Some people enjoy stress.


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