Back to Work

Two weeks of holidays are gone.  I’d like to say it was long enough that the stresses of the job were totally forgotten.  Unfortunately, it’s not true.  The changes that happened (see previous post) the week before I went, left me a little unbalanced.  I knew what was expected before and had my days filled working on those expectations.  I’m not sure anymore, since I know that I cannot possibly maintain all that I was doing previously and take on the added responsibilities.  This coupled with the commitments I have outside work and the brand new adventure of the course at the seminary have put me a little bit on edge.

The holiday was good.  Cycling around Lake Champlain was great (see previous posts).  Our last week was spent with much more traditional camping.  We bought a trailer last year.  J and I and the dog spent the first part of last week at the Pineries Provincial Park.  It was quiet and a bit cold.  We slept late, went bed early, got in some beach time, read 3 books, and managed a 50 km bike ride.

Friday we moved to Point Farms Provincial Park where we spent 3 nights camping with 20 other family units from our church.  It was great.  The trailer made our lives easy providing refrigeration and hot water without electrical hook up.  The thing that really made it though, was the people.  While the majority of the campers were middle aged couples, we also had a good number of young families and young couples.  The most interesting part was that a number of former members who either moved away or left the church came  to camp or just to visit.  It was a great time of getting to know each other better.  We must be doing something right!!!

So, tomorrow It’s back to work.  J has strongly suggested that I not check my work email till tomorrow.  I hope I don’t have a meeting called for 8:00 am at head office (2 hours away).

There were a couple of other earth shattering events which will need to keep for later.


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