29 Years

Yesterday was our 29th wedding anniversary.  I really hardly remember a time when J was not part of my life.  We were young when we got married (although it really didn’t seem young at the time).  I was not yet 21, she was not yet 20.

We’ve been blessed.  Three great children.  We are very healthy.  We still enjoy doing a lot of things together, biking, canoeing, camping, walking, church, just being together.  When I need to be away for work, I can’t wait to get back home.  We talk on the phone nearly every day whether or not I am away.  We take care of each other, we encourage each other to try new things.  We really love each other.

Pretty mushy huh?

It’s true though.  I just pray that our kids end up with as close a relationship as their parents have enjoyed.

I look forward to spending a lot more years with my best friend.


3 thoughts on “29 Years

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  2. Hey K & J – Congratultions! Yes, 29 years is a lot. And a happy lot – isn’t it true that as parents, our desire is that our own children enjoy the same thing?
    Just thing, next year, 30 years on the 30th….that is called a GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Time for you to celebrate!
    p.s. I found this blog through Jeanette’s blog. Neat, huh.
    Have a great day, and another great year. Love, Hetty

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