Cycling Holiday 2

We are back home.  Only one of the places that we stayed at had readily available Internet access to allow updates to this blog as planned.

We had some adventures, were only nearly killed once (that we know of), saw some great country, an met a lot of really nice people along the way.

The “nearly killed” happened on the second last  day on our way into Alburg VT.  We had just spent some time visiting St Anne’s Shrine, a cool place with lots of history, which was a little off our planned path.  Shortly after getting back on the cycle route just over a hill on a narrow, relatively quite road, I heard a truck (think big truck) slam on its brakes right behind me.  It was actually right behind J.  I hit the ditch and the truck managed to miss both of us.  It felt close.

Our last two B&B’s were quite different.  Allenholme Farm B&B was on a working apple farm.  Ray and Pam were great hosts with a lot on the go.  They loaned us their car so that we could go out for supper at the Blue Paddle Bistro, a small restaurant that really did a great job.  They served us a nice white wine bottled under their own label by Snow Farm winery, the first vineyard in Vermont.  We visited the winery the next morning and carried a bottle of wine around for the rest of the trip.

Our last B&B was the Ransom Bay Inn in Alburg Center.  Alburg is not what I expected.  The map shows a number of Alburgs (center, south, north) giving a rather urban impression.  In reality it is a lot like North Huron, small things with a lot of not much in between.  The B&B also hosts a small restaurant and is run by two chefs, so, we did not need to go anywhere else for supper.  It was excellent.

The last day we traveled back into Quebec to the Alberg Harris.  I need to mention the roads.  It almost seems that Quebec wants your first impression of their province and our country to  be something from the third world.  The last 3 or 4 km leaving the country on highway 223 and the first 3 or 4 returning on 225 were awful.  The patches on the road have been patched.  The US side was smooth sailing most of the time.  About 4 km inside Quebec it did improve, but the US roads were still better (even the unpaved ones).

Our total trip was just about 300 km over 4 days with an average speed of 19.1 km/hour.  We both gained weight.

The drive home was slow.  Montreal traffic was messed up with construction.  The trip took over 9 hours.


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