Cycling Holiday

Well, we got away on another holiday.

This time we are cycling around Lake Champlain through parts of Quebec, New York, and Vermont.  Yesterday was a mind numbing 8 + hours of driving, mostly on the 401.  Toronto traffic was awful even though it was a Saturday.

We finally arrived in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu about 30 km east of Montreal at what at first glance was a rather run of the mill hotel.   This hotel had sponsored the mapof the trip and had of course set themselves as the beginning and end.  It was rather ordinary , except for all the art and sculpture hanging around the place until we met the proprietress.  What a great lady!!!  She appears to be a little beyond retirement age and took care of us like we were her favorite people.  I think she does that with everyone.  While we waited to check in, she had a long conversation with a cyclist who was lost on his way back to the hotel.  Turns out that she is also a great supporter of the arts and all of the art and sculptures were real.

It rained overnight and was still drizzling when we were getting the bikes ready to go.  We hit the road about 9:30 and it stopped!!!  After lunch the sun even came out. 

This is our first experience with a border crossing on bikes.  We joined the line of cars (1) and pulled up to the booth (1) when called.  We were on our way in minutes.

87 km from our start we arrived at the Point Au Roche Lodge.  Another great spot.  Our room has a whirl pool tub, which really felt good after over 4 hours on the bike.  Really nice atmosphere and friendly folks running it.  It is near the Point Au Roche State park where we spent a couple of hours till it started to spit rain. 

It’s pouring now, but we are safe and dry.  Our only concern is: How will we get the half mile down the road to the restaurant if this keeps up? 






3 thoughts on “Cycling Holiday

  1. I biked to the office this morning – see? I was thinking about you guys! Little cool though. Hope you packed your Lucknow sweatshirts!

  2. We just missed you. Your site was still in cache when I went to log into my blog at the lodge. Great place. We are also biking around the lake. This is the end of our second day. Enjoy.

    • Sorry we missed you. We ended up at a couple of other great B and B’s. Look for a post later. Home now after 4 days of biking.

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