Annoying Kitty

So…with all the excitement going on in my life in the past days, its no wonder that I might miss a bit of sleep.  I likely had too much coffee and iced tea as well.  To totally ruin a potentially good night’s rest we have a cat named Peppermint.

We actually have 3 cats.  Peppermint is the youngest, a long haired tamed feral cat, and she, from time to time, loves to catch mice.

Last night she woke me the first time banging the life out of a short tailed mouse or vole in the bathroom.  By the time I got there she was lying on the floor examining her handy work, now dead, tucked between the dust cover and the cover of my latest bathroom reading.  I flushed it and went back to bed.

I heard the cat door swing…

Less than 20 minutes later it swings again and very shortly after Peppermint is making those mewling noises that cats make when they want something.  I get up again and find her outside the closed office door, obviously wanting in.  I open the door and see nothing until I check behind it.  There is a very small mouse with a very long tail.  Peppermint goes in for the grab and the thing jumps about 3 feet in the air right over her head and eventually ends up behind a filing cabinet.  I go back to bed.

I hear the cat door swing.

When I next regain consciousness it is about 5:30 and there is a ruckus in the spare bedroom.  I am still not clear as to whether this is a new mouse or the one that went behind the filing cabinet.  It looks the same.  Peppermint has had a hold on it but the long tail seems to be a good disguise.  Again it goes into the air and ends up under a night table.  I finally rescue it with the rain gauge tube and send it on it’s way outside.

I discussed wringing the cat’s neck.  J thought that would make her sad, but she slept through it all..  Maybe locking the cat door at night will be enough.


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