Ephesians 2:10

10For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

This verse appears at the top of this blog and has been an important one for me over the years as I have struggled to understand God’s will in my life.

While, for me, it is a given that I am God’s workmanship and that my creation was to do good works through the power of Jesus Christ, the thing that I hang on to is that those good works are waiting for me and prepared for me in advance.  I have a purpose, but I may have to wait to find out just what that is.  My purpose becomes clear in God’s time not mine.

I often think about Moses.  I can imagine that with his background as an Isrealite growing up as the “son” of Pharoh’s daughter, Moses may have had a vision of his purpose.  He may have felt uniquely placed to liberate his people.  He was impatient as he watched injustice done to his people.  He wanted to act, to get the program on the road.  So he did.  His actions failed and he ends up watching sheep out in the desert.  It wasn’t God’s time.  Moses was not yet “prepared” to lead.  He had more to learn,  he wasn’t ready.

While it is hard to wait, there is also some comfort in knowing that when that task is put in front of you you will be ready.

As I look over my cirriculum vitae I sometimes wonder what I am being prepared to do.  Have I done it already?  I suppose all I can do is continue to prepare myself to be ready for whatever is put in front of me.  I also likely need to recognize that these tasks that have been prepared may not be a single earth shattering occurance, but rather a life of small sucesses.


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