The Noise is Out

During our church services we often have a time when we can share our praises, thanksgivings and petitions  in the form of prayer requests.  This past Sunday,  I decided to share the fact that I had been accepted to seminary.  It had been a bit of a process and a few members of the congregation, particularly the other elders and the pastor, knew that I had applied.  Most had no clue.

Since I had not really prepared myself to make this announcement, I found it more difficult to do than may have been expected.  Tripping over my own words, I actually said that I had received word from the cemetary to say that I had been accepted.  Well, that got a few unintended laughs.

It was cool to let my church family know how I am trying to respond to God’s leading.  Their response was very supportive, as it should be,  becuase in many cases, they have been the vehicle through which that leading has come.  Their words over the years have led me to believe that I am supposed to do something with my life other than the career path that I am now on.

The thing that was not clear during the service and caused some discussion afterward was the fact that I am stepping off one path onto another very slowly.  I was excited by the fact that the seminary accepted me at all.  I really did not know what my undergraduate transcript said.  When I finished that degree 28 years ago my goal was to graduate and get a job.  Marks were not that important.  Now I needed at least a B.  I must have had it.  I am only taking one course in September.  I am not quitting my job.  I am putting my toe in the water.

Oh, and did I mention….J is not going to be a congregational pastors wife.


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